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Garden Walls, Ledger Rock, Armour Stone, Curbing, Flag Stone, & Retaining Wall Installation.


Garden Rock Walls, Armour Stone, Curbing

Installation of Garden Walls, Ledger Rock, Armour Stone, Curbing, Flag Stone, & Retaining Walls

Our team can supply a variety of stone choices as in our Garden Rock portfolio page

Discover the strength and beauty of Whitby Landscaping’s premium garden walls and retaining walls crafted from durable materials such as concrete block, ledger rock, and armour stone. Elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space with our expertly designed and meticulously installed walls, providing not just structural integrity but also adding a touch of sophistication to your landscape. Our concrete block walls offer a sleek and modern appeal, while ledger rock walls bring a natural, textured elegance to your surroundings. For those seeking a robust and timeless option, our armour stone walls make a bold statement, creating stunning visual focal points. Whitby Landscaping takes pride in delivering unmatched craftsmanship, ensuring your garden walls not only enhance the overall appeal but also serve their purpose effectively. Trust us to build the perfect combination of durability and style, transforming your outdoor environment into a sanctuary of lasting beauty.

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Ledger Rock Walls

Introducing our exquisite garden ledger rock walls, where natural beauty meets functional elegance. Elevate your outdoor haven with these hand-selected rocks, meticulously crafted to bring a touch of rustic charm and enduring sophistication to your garden or landscaping project.

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Natural Armour Stone

Elevate your property’s aesthetics and security with premium armor stone walls. Meticulously selected for their rugged beauty and formidable strength, these walls provide an imposing yet stylish solution for safeguarding and enhancing your outdoor spaces

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Retaining Walls

Transform your outdoor space with the elegance and durability of block retaining walls. Crafted for both beauty and strength, our walls offer a timeless solution for creating stunning landscapes while providing reliable structural support

Garden Rock & Retaining Wall Services Include:

  • Natural Owen Sound Ledger Rock for Low Retaining Walls
  • Guillotine Cut Stone For Natural Edges
  • Natural Armour Stone for Larger Projects
  • Concrete Block Retaining Walls
  • Pressure Treated 4×4 or 6×6 Retaining Walls & Garden Boxes
  • Structural Stability Provides Support to Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Enhanced Aesthetics Elevate the Visual Appeal of your Outdoor Space
  • Increased Property Value Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Water Management Assist in Proper Water Drainage and Prevent Erosion
  • Low Maintenance Many Walls Require Minimal Upkeep
  • Environmentally Friendly Choose Recycled Concrete or Natural Stone
2024 - Whitby Landscaping - Garden Wall - 12 Garden Wall with Coping

Natural Armour Stone Retaining Walls

Transforming a yard from a plain green space into a living environment is as important as building or renovating a home.

Whitby Landscaping offers custom made Armour stone flower planters & Retaining Walls. Each piece is unique and can be added to a garden or lawn as an accent piece with or without metal house numbers. 

Armour Stone Garden Pot

  • Comes in many sizes and can be customized or added to existing stone
  • Drilled drainage holes
  • Added Triple-mix soil
  • Delivery to Whitby & surrounding area
  • Can be placed anywhere with good access
  • Rough size of the stone depicted is 24 inches wide by 12 inches in height and 18 inches deep
  • House numbers can be drilled and added

2024 - Whitby Landscaping - Garden Wall - 20 Armour Stone Pond
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Flower Bed Design Services:

  • Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Bulbs, Vines, Wildflowers, Grasses
  • Low Maintenance Gardens
  • Low Maintenance Perennials, Bushes, & Trees
  • Sunken or Raised Gardens
  • Rock Gardens
  • Concrete Block or Ledger Rock Garden Walls

Whitby Landscaping, Gardening & Sod will help you with properly designed and installed flower beds that make your property more inviting and augment your home providing the curb appeal which leaves lasting impressions.

Proudly Serving: Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, & Durham Region Ontario.

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